My new site:

This site will not be updated anymore. I now write and podcast at

Sonic Pi Workshop in Frankfurt

On the evening of the 22-Jan-2018 I will hold a free intro-level “Live coding music with Sonic Pi” workshop in Frankfurt. Come and have fun creating music!

My New Chapter, My New Role

Finishing up my second week at Crispy Mountain I want to give an update into what happened over the last weeks

I'm looking for a new opportunity

It’s been quite a ride, the last four years, being a startup’s CTO. Then again, after such a long time (long for me) I feel it’s time to do something different. So: I’m open for new roles and opportunities in the next months.

Engineering Ladders Linklist

In order to make it easier to get inspired by other companies’ engineering ladders, I decided to put together a complete list of all published engineering ladders.