Farewell Leader's Digest

The following email was sent to the recipients of Leader’s Digest newsletter, which I curated for the award-winning streak of five weeks in a row. Why did I stop? Read on.

On the Structure of One on Ones

Over the course of those last two years, I found a structure for having 1on1 meetings that helps me a lot to get the most of these meetings, and which also helped to make 1on1s a deeply ingrained part of vaamo’s tech team culture.

On the Purpose of One on Ones

Since I started working at my current role two years ago, I started to give the purpose and structure of the 1on1 meetings I had with my team members more thought.
And I want to share what I think is the purpose of having 1on1s.

Mature Developers

Some time ago, as I started to spend more time on growing our tech team at vaamo again, I realized that I had put off one thing for much too long already: Putting down my definition of maturity and technical leadership in software teams.</p><p>In order to get this finally sorted out, I’ll lay out the aspects that together make up a mature developer.</p>

Reading in 2014

2014 was the first year, that I consciously set myself a reading goal. And of course, when you set yourself a goal, there should be a review at some point in time.