Sonic Pi Workshop in Frankfurt

TL;DR register here for a free, evening-long, intro-level workshop “Live coding music with Sonic Pi”.

I’ve been enjoying all kinds of music, basically all my life. But somehow I never considered myself musical. I still somehow tried to learn an instrument (with very little effort actually going into that attempt), and failed. The barrier always seemed too high for me.

Even so, I couldn’t really shake the longing for being able to create music. That’s why the topic of Programming Music and the respective tools, as it being the combination of two things I enjoy, were something I tried to dip my toe into for quite a while now. But they always seemed too intimidating, the concepts too daunting, to actually try them out.

But all that changed during an evening session at this year’s SoCraTes.

During the first day’s session marketplace at the conference, I thought “fuck it, this is the safest space for me to reveal how clueless I am about programming/making music”. Which brought me to propose an evening session on Programming Music. I introduced the session with something along the lines of “I have no clue, but I want to spend time on trying out stuff, maybe others want to join me”.

As to be expected at a SoCraTes event, the people who joined me were knowledgeable, eager to share and absolutely wonderful, all at the same time. I went into the session with no knowledge about creating music and left having created some tunes with Sonic Pi and with no fear to do more.

Since then I couldn’t stop playing with Sonic Pi and learning more about music and music theory, which feels amazing.

And I now want to share that joy and show others, that the entry to creating music, being musical, is much lower than you think. Especially with a tool such as Sonic Pi.

Which I’ll do with this workshop and also at the Ruby on Ice conference, which takes place from 26-28 January 2018 at beautiful lake Tegernsee.


The workshop is titled Live coding music with Sonic Pi and will contain a short introduction into Sonic Pi’s principles.

The majority of the workshop’s time however will be you playing and creating music, experimenting with music and having loads of fun. Trust me, after participating in this workshop you’ll have a new hobby.


  • Workshop takes place on 22-Jan-2018 in Frankfurt/Main at the ioki office
  • Starts 18h / 6pm and lasts 3-4 hours
  • max. 15 participants
  • Free of charge … maybe there’ll be some snacks and drinks.
  • Workshop will be held in english (except if all participants agree on doing it in german)
  • Suited for beginners. No prior experience with Sonic Pi or creating music necessary or expected.
  • Experience with programming not necessary (but helpful)
You need to bring
  • Your own computer (ideally with Sonic Pi already installed)
  • Some headphones
  • Loads of curiosity

If you’d rather like to collaborate with someone during the workshop on the same computer I strongly suggest using a so-called y-adapter, so both of you can has their own headphones.


The event is already over and you can’t register anymore.