My Goals in 2015

I was never really on to make new year’s resolution. I also never really though about why not, I just didn’t do it. But then, some time ago when I began with leading teams at work, I started to think more in terms of goals and how to choose meaningful goals.

Personal Notes on Velocity EU 2014

I was at Velocity EU last week, and while I wrote more general recaps of the first and second day at the conference over at the vaamo codecraft blog, I want to capture my rather personal experience here.

Manager and Maker Mode

I’ve been working as a manager of engineering teams for several years now. And one of the eternal struggles of switching from a developer to a management role, has been how to divide up my time between Maker and Manager mode.

Freelancing and Back in One Year - A Retrospective - Part 2

In my last post about why I quit freelancing, I explained my initial motivation for initially going freelance. In short, the two points were

Reading List for 2014

In where I list the books I plan to read in 2014