Farewell Leader's Digest

The following email was sent to the recipients of Leader’s Digest newsletter, which I curated for the award-winning streak of five weeks in a row. Why did I stop? Read on.

Goodbye everyone!

Whoever kept track on the number of time this newsletter was sent out, might not be surprised. The lack of sent-outs over the last week c ombined with the number of times it was actually sent, I can safely call this newsletter to an end.

I struggle to call it failed, because for me it helped me get one step further towards understanding what it is that really want to do. A nd smart-assing about how to do “leadership in tech” the “right way” is not one of them.

What I’m really interested in is having more fulfilling interactions with people, and that includes interactions at work.1

And I’m on a journey toward bettering and clarifying my own understanding on how to achieve that.

If you’d like to hitch a ride on that journey, you’re more than welcome to join me. Follow along on my blog, where I’ll post (probably irregular) updates to my understanding and thinking about this topic, or follow me on twitter, where I’m @benjamin.

Though I’d appreciate it even more, if you reach out and give me a glimpse of how you think about it. Do you think it’s worthwhile to work towards more fulfilling interactions, also at work? Why? And what’s your current approach to have those? And in general, how can we do better than this right now? Reach out to me, by replying to this email or contacting me via my website’s contact form.

Cheers, Benjamin

I “managed” the newsletter and the planned links on a Trello board, which you might find interesting, if you’re looking for interesting links.
Also, the archive of the sent-out newsletter issues are here

  1. Where more fulfilling means more than just being nice and making everybody happy and all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s about making that what makes us human, interactions between each other, more long-lasting and meaningful for but also beyond those involved.