How do Agile & Scrum affect Quality - A Reality-Check


A talk I presented at …

  • Agile Nacht Stuttgart, Germany on 24-Oct-2016, with the original title “Folgen von Agil & Scrum auf die Qualität - Ein Realtitätscheck”


The original question that lead to this talk was asked by Marco Klemm, initiator and moderator of Agile Nacht Stuttgart. He asked (paraphrased) “do Agile & Scrum really hold their promise of increasing a project’s quality”?.

In this short talk I present my personal opinion and the experience of my last years as CTO of vaamo. I argue, that while it’s possible to employ practices such as Agile, Scrum & Software Craftsmanship to increase the quality of software projects (for varying degrees of quality), the actually important factors and the biggest leverage to increase quality and success of projects, are the involved humans and their way of interacting with each other.


(currently in german only)


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