5 Years of Software Craftsmanship

… a Personal Take on How To Write Software Better.


A talk I present at …


Practices, (Management) Frameworks and opinions on how software should be built are as numerous as there are people on this planet.

A group of such opinions dubs itself Software Craftsmanship and calls for seeing a software development more as a craft instead of an engineering discipline.

I count myself among the Software Craftsmanship community since 2011. Since then I’ve been supporting and spreading the ideas of Software Craftsmanship. Be it by organizing user groups and conferences, by giving talks or via the continuous efforts incorporating Software Craftsmanship ideas and practices into my daily work as developer and manager.

In this talk I’ll look back over the last five years, the journey I’ve made as a software developer and developer of teams. I’ll share how my view on how to do software development better changed over this time.