Innovation & Value with Scala, not because

The talk first covers how we made our technology choice in favor of Scala. It continues to take a look at the wanted and unwanted consequences of this choice and closes with my thoughts on how, if at all, it enabled the team to deliver innovation and value to our business.


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Every person’s dream in the software industry: A green field project! Starting from scratch, without any legacy that drags you down! Finally you can do everything the Right Way™ and use all those tools that you’ve been dreaming about all along.

Not so long ago, I was able to live that dream.

Turns out, in the real world a green field project is not so easy and shiny as one might be inclined to think. Even if you can choose from all those shiny and new toys, I mean tools, making all those choices may not be so straightforward.

In this talk I’ll share how and why we, a now medium sized Fintech Startup, made the choice for Scala and the JVM. I’ll talk about how this choice affected our ability to continuously deliver innovation and value to our business. We’ll touch on what innovation even means for us and also explicitly cover how our choice of programming language & technology contributes to our ability to innovate.


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