Leader's Digest #2 -

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Hi everyone & Welcome to Leader’s Digest #2!

This issue is all about “why”:

Why do you want to lead people?

There was a time when I thought that one has to have goals in order to make meaningful progress, no matter which area. Of course it had to be SMART Goals. Over the last two years though, I’ve revised that view.

I now think that you need to have a clear idea of “why” you’re doing the things you’re doing. This is especially true for leaders and managers, as their team members are evaluating their every action constantly, and over time develop a clear compass for what is authentic for their leaders and what’s not.

But that’s actually not the most relevant reason for reflecting on the “why” of your job. From my point of view, knowing what’s your motivation behind your work is an integral part of being happy with your work.

And, can’t decide if that’s more important, that makes you more effective. Knowledge about and following your motivation leads to better work results.

So my suggestion is: Take your time, and think about why you’re doing your specific work.

Lindsay Holmwood’s excellent article can help you with that. Not only because it provides some common motivations, on why people move into management. It also demonstrates what a thoughtful analysis of your motivations and thoughts can look like. But be sure to not stop at what Lindsay provides as possible motivations, and dig deeper.

You need to undertake a constant process of self-reflection and a space to develop your understanding of your motivations. It’s important you create the time and space to do this!

The simplest trap to fall into in your first year is to be focused on the daily grind, the tactical details, and not think about the bigger picture.

This is something that affects experienced and novice managers alike, and it’s important to establish good personal habits early on so you have time to reflect on what motivates you, and what sort of leader you’re going to be.

Happy reading!

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Cheers, Benjamin